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Personal Loan Rates

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Note: Interest rates for personal loans are based upon borrowing details. Please contact us for a personalized quote.

Personal Loans (Rates effective 2021-10-19) Rates
Fixed Rate, starting from 6.080%
Variable Rate, starting from 5.200%
Seven Year Vehicle Loan 4.450%
RRSP Loans (Rates effective 2021-10-19) Rates
RRSP Catch-Up Loan Fixed Rate, starting from 3.850%
RRSP Catch-Up Loan Variable Rate, starting from 3.450%
RRSP Re-Advanceable Loan 1.950%
Lines of Credit and Overdrafts (Rates effective 2021-10-19) Rates
Personal Line of Credit, starting from 4.450%
Home Equity Line of Credit, starting from 2.950%
Overdraft Protection 18.000%