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Two Year Higher Rate

Our Two Year Higher Rate earns good interest without locking away funds for a long time. With only a $1,000 minimum deposit the interest rate will rise in the second year.

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The Two Year Higher Rate term deposit is a great account for members who have money to put away now for a renovation, vehicle purchase or vacation a couple of years into the future.

Term Features

  • Two year term deposit featuring escalating interest rates over the course of the term.
  • Interest rate in year two will be higher than in year one.
  • Reinvestible without penalty on the first year anniversary date.

Terms & Conditions

  • Term length of two years/li>
  • Minimum $1000.00 initial deposit
  • Escalating interest rate
  • Reinvestable (only) without penalty on anniversary date
  • Interest payout is compounding
  • Renews automatically into another Two Year Higher Rate term deposit at maturity

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Learn about term deposits and how they can benefit your savings plan.

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