Five Year Rate Climber

The Five Year Rate Climber rewards you for taking a long term approach to your savings and investment plan. With only a $1,000.00 minimum deposit the interest rate on this term deposit will rise each year for five years.

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This is a great option if you are looking for a flexible long-term investment with a relatively high return.

Term Features

  • Redeemable or reinvestable without penalty on each anniversary date.
  • Can compound annually or pay out annually. Maximize your savings by compounding the interest earned annually: each year the interest earned will be deposited back into the account, effectively earning interest on the interest you've already earned.

Terms & Conditions

  • Term length of five years
  • Minimum $1000.00 initial deposit
  • Escalating interest rate
  • Redeemable without penalty on each anniversary
  • Interest payout for annual interest, to chequing, savings account on anniversay date
  • Interest payout for compounding interest, to chequing, savings account at end of five year term
  • Partial withdrawals are not permitted

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