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This is an excellent savings vehicle for those wishing to set aside funds on a monthly basis for annual expenses such as car insurance, property taxes, vacations or an emergency.

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Starting with a minimum deposit of just $1.00, make automatic monthly contributions to your high-earning Accumulator account.

Term Features

  • An ideal option for members who set aside funds for purchases, taxes, vacations or emergencies.
  • As long as you achieve a minimum savings goal of $500.00 by the end of the term you can earn term deposit rates on a 180 day to 364 day or a 365 to 730 day term.
  • When your term ends you can transfer both the original deposit amount and the interest you've earned to your chequing or savings accounts or another term deposit and either close the Accumulator account or keep it going for even more savings.

Terms & Conditions

  • Term lengths must be 180 to 364 days or 365 to 730 days
  • Minimum $1.00 initial deposit, $500.00 by the end of the term, no maximum amount for automatic monthly contributions
  • Fixed interest rate
  • Redeemable with penalty
  • Interest payout to chequing, savings or term deposit accounts
  • Instalments can be stopped at any time but not resumed

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Learn about term deposits and how they can benefit your savings plan.

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