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Readvanceable RRSP Loan

A RRSP loan is one of the best ways to get your RRSP going. It's inexpensive - only $20 per month can get you started investing and making money.

Apply online

visit a branch near you or call 604-517-0100 to set up an RRSP today.


If you don't have money available to contribute to an RRSP then using an RRSP loan to make your contribution can make sense.


  • Easy to set up - apply , on the phone at 604-517-0100 or visit a branch close to you
  • Establish a RRSP loan credit limit and then, with one phone call, borrow up to that limit for RRSPs every year without re-applying
  • Use your tax refund to pay off your loan - you can wait up to 90 days to begin repaying your loan, and you can make loan payments at any time
  • Weekly or accelerated bi-weekly payment schedules - repay your loan quicker
  • Preferred loan rates - see current RRSP loan rates now

Why Borrow?

RRSP loan rates are very low so you won't pay a lot of interest over the term of an RRSP loan. However, the tax refund that you can receive when you use your RRSP loan to make even a small RRSP contribution is usually much more - even 10 times more! - than the interest you'll pay on the loan. Plus you'll earn interest on your RRSP investment!

To apply for this loan or for more information

To use your already-approved Readvanceable RRSP Loan phone our Member Service Centre at 604-517-0100 or visit a branch near you.

To apply for a Readvanceable RRSP Loan for the first time begin online, on the phone at 604-517-0100 or at your nearest branch.


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