RRSP Optimiser

Be rewarded for taking the long view: invest your funds in a RRSP Optimiser now and then relax until you turn 71 while your money earns a premium interest rate all the while.

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This variable rate term is linked to the 5-year non-redeemable RRSP term deposit rate but also offers a range of redemption features that provide flexibility and protection against fluctuations in interest rates.


  • Save time and earn money: invest in a RRSP Optimiser term deposit now and it will keep going, without expiring or renewing, until you turn 71
  • Interest rates are linked to high-earning five year non-redeemable RRSP term deposit - protect yourself from interest rate fluctuations
  • Begin with as little as $1,000.00 and contribute automatically until you turn 71
  • Interest compounds annually - earn interest on your interest
  • Withdraw a portion of your money each year as you need it

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