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Five Year Great Rate Mortgage

Five Year Great Rate Mortgage

Our Five Year Great Rate mortgage option is perfect for rate conscious customers who may not need to accelerate their payments or take advantage of pre-payment options.

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The Five Year Great Rate Mortgage offers month-by-month payment certainty at a lower rate.

Mortgage Features

  • A discounted interest rate
  • Life and Disability insurance available
  • Can be used for revenue properties and progressive mortgages
  • Available as a Conventional Mortgage or a High Ratio Mortgage
  • Fixed interest rate
  • Monthly, bi-weekly, bi-weekly accelerated, semi-monthly and weekly payment options available

Term & Conditions

  • Pre-payment options, double-up scheduled payments and 20% anniversary payments are not available
  • Interest compounds semi-annually
  • Suspension of scheduled payments is not permitted
  • Not available for commercial purposes

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