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Handsfree Savings

Make a purchase, save some money.

Three quick and easy steps:

Pay for a purchase with your Member Card.

The "change" from your purchase is automatically collected.

Every day your collected change is deposited into a High Interest Savings Account.

How it works...

Round Up

Round up to the nearest $1.00

Debit transaction


Transfer to savings




Add On

Add on $3.00

Debit transaction


Transfer to savings




How to use it...

  1. Tell us how much you want to put into your savings account with each purchase. You can round up to the nearest dollar or add on any dollar amount.

  2. Open a High Interest Savings Account for yourself, or send your change to someone else's High Interest Savings Account in your family.

    Why would you send your change to someone else?

    Provide an allowance for your kids.

    Pool your money for a big purchase.

    Save for your child's education.

  3. Watch your savings grow.


What is Handsfree Savings?

It's a digital change jar. Handsfree Savings is a service that allows you to save money everytime you make a purchase with your debit card.

How does Handsfree Savings work?

Round Up or Add On. When you enrol, you are able to choose to either "round up" to the next dollar or "add on" a specific dollar amount to the total of each purchase. Your savings are then tallied at the end of each day and transferred to a High Interest Savings account at the beginning of the following business day.

Why would I want Handsfree Savings?

It's free and automatic. Handsfree Savings allows you achieve small savings goals or accumulate a small savings cushion for unforeseen expenses.

What do I need to enrol in Handsfree Savings?

A chequing account and High Interest Savings account. You need an eligible chequing account and a High Interest Savings account to enrol in Handsfree Savings. US and Business accounts are not eligible.

Can I send Handsfree Savings to someone else's account?

Yes. Handsfree Savings funds can be sent to your own account, or you can nominate someone else's account for the funds to be transferred to.

Terms & Conditions

  • The Handsfree Savings service automatically transfers a sum to a High Interest Savings Account at Westminster Savings that the customer has nominated when the Membercard linked to the customer's eligible chequing account is used to pay for debit purchases.
  • Savings options
    • Rounded amount "Round Up" - the dollar amount of the purchase is rounded up to a dollar amount selected in the service and the difference between the purchase amount and the rounded-up amount is transferred into the nominated savings account, or
    • Fixed amount "Add On" - the same amount is always transferred to the nominated savings account in connection with a debit purchase
  • These accounts need to be nominated : a) an eligible personal chequing account held with Westminster Savings which has a linked Membercard, and b) an eligible savings account held with Westminster Savings. The nominated savings account can be under another Westminster Savings member's profile, like a family member or friend. If another member's savings account is nominated, they will receive the Handsfree Savings and the funds become theirs once transferred to their account.
  • The nominated savings account will be renamed "Handsfree Savings".
  • The service cannot be used with US Dollar or Business accounts. A High Interest Savings account is the only eligible savings account type to receive Handsfree Savings transfers.
  • When a Membercard is used to make a debit purchase, the amount of the purchase debited to the chequing account will be rounded up or a fixed amount added on and the Handsfree Savings funds will be combined with the Handsfree Savings funds from other Membercard debit purchases made the same day. The combined funds will be transferred from the chequing account to the nominated savings account at the end of each day. Debit transactions made after the daily cutoff time may appear in the next day's Handsfree Savings transfer.
  • Handsfree Savings will be applied to all Membercard debit purchases in Canada and the US. Handsfree Savings will not be applied to ATM withdrawals, pre-authorized debits or cheques clearing the account.
  • The Handsfree Savings transfer will not occur if that transfer will take the chequing account overdrawn or further overdrawn, or exceed the line of credit limit if already into the line of credit.
  • If Handsfree Savings is set up on a joint chequing account, both joint account holder(s) should agree to the service and all transfers will be made to the same nominated savings account.
  • Handsfree Savings adjustments will not be made for returned items. Transactions reversed on the same day will not be counted for Handsfree Savings.
  • Handsfree Savings transfers will appear on account statements as 'Transfer in from/Transfer out to Account XXXX Handsfree Savings'.
  • You can cancel the Handsfree Savings service or change the nominated savings account into which funds are transferred by calling the Member Service Centre at 604-517-0100, or by contacting your local Westminster Savings branch.


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Handsfree Savings