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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an INTERAC® e-Transfer? 

An INTERAC® e-Transfer allows you to send money by email from your Westminster Savings account in Online Banking to any other person who has an email address and an account at a Canadian credit union or bank.

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Is sending money by email secure?

Sending money by email is secure! You create a shared security question, so that only the recipient can deposit the money. The money never actually travels by email: it's deposited directly into their account when the recipient deposits their money.

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How long does it take to receive money by email?

It can take 15 minutes or longer for an INTERAC® e-Transfer to arrive at a recipient's email address. The amount of time depends on the recipients email system as well. The money is withdrawn from your account immediately.

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How much does it cost to send an INTERAC® e-Transfer?

The person requesting the INTERAC® e-Transfer will pay any associated fees associated with the funds transfer. INTERAC® e-Transfers are free and unlimited with our Unlimited Chequing Account or with our Unlimited Family Plan. For any other chequing accounts, a non-refundable fee of $1.00 is withdrawn immediately when the requested amount is received.

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How do I register for INTERAC® e-Transfers?

Registration is free and easy!

Log in to Online Banking and go to the Transfers page. Click the "INTERAC® e-Transfers" link and follow the instructions on the screen to create your profile and your recipients list.

You can begin to use INTERAC® e-Transfer as soon as you have created your profile and your recipients list!

Don’t have account? Join Westminster Savings today!  Get started by registering online, visiting a branch near you or calling 604-517-0100.

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Can I receive money by email, too?

Yes! If you receive an INTERAC® e-Transfer follow the instructions in the email. When you are redirected to the "Certapay" site (Certapay processes these transfers for INTERAC®) select Westminster Savings from the list of credit unions. You will then be prompted to log in to Online Banking to answer the security question and choose the account you want to deposit the funds into. Once you've completed these steps the money will be deposited into your account immediately, without a hold.

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Who can use INTERAC® e-Transfer?

INTERAC® e-Transfers can be used by anyone who uses Online Banking or Online Banking for Small Business and can withdraw from an account. e-Transfers are not available in our Business Express Internet service.

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Can I cancel an INTERAC® e-Transfer?

You can cancel an INTERAC® e-Transfer in Online Banking if the recipient has not deposited the money already. The money will be automatically deposited back into your account. Note that if you were charged the $1.00 service charge, it will not be refunded.

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What happens if the money I sent isn't deposited?

A recipient has 60 days to deposit money that you sent to them by email. During that 60 days you can send reminder emails to the recipient from within Online Banking.

If, after 60 days, the recipient has not deposited the money you emailed to them the money will be returned to your account. It can take up to 7 business days after the 60 day expiry to receive the money back into your account.

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Can a recipient decline to deposit the money?

A recipient can decline to deposit the money that is sent to them in an INTERAC® e-Transfer. The sender will receive notification by email that the money has been declined and the sender can then follow instructions in the email to deposit the money back into their account.

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Can I send money by email from a branch?

No. For security reasons you can only send money by email from Online Banking.

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Can I send an INTERAC® e-Transfer using my phone?

Yes! You can send an INTERAC® e-Transfer using your phone, by logging into the Westminster Savings mobile app. Once logged in you can select transfers and the INTERAC® e-Transfer option where you can edit your profile and manager your recipients as you would in online banking.

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Can I send money by email to someone outside of Canada?

Money sent by email must be in Canadian dollars, and it must be deposited into a Canadian account. You cannot send money by email to someone who does not have a Canadian account and Online Banking access at their bank or credit union.

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