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Security Features When You Log In

We are enhancing the way you log-in to online banking

What is 2-Step Verification?

2-Step Verification adds an extra layer of security to protect you and your account in case your password is ever stolen. In addition to entering your password, a one-time use verification code will be sent by SMS text message or email to the registered mobile phone number or email address associated with your online banking account.

The code must be entered and submitted for confirmation to access your account online. This new feature will replace the security questions you have been accustomed to answering and will not be required at every log-in.

Why are we introducing 2-Step Verification?

We are committed to providing you with a safe and protected online banking experience. 2-Step Verification is a great way to reduce fraud risks and further secure all your user accounts.

Other Security Features

A Confidential Personal Access Code (PAC)

When you sign up for Online Banking you will be assigned a temporary personal access code (PAC). Using your MEMBER CARD® and your temporary PAC, you will set up your security questions when you first log in.

Protect your accounts: To ensure your PAC is as secure as possible, avoid using simple patterns and easy-to-guess numbers (e.g. 11111, 123456 or birth dates, phone numbers, or addresses.) You can change your Personal Access Code (PAC) any time in Online Banking by completing the following steps:

  1. Login to Online Banking.
  2. Select “Profile & Preferences” in the left column.
  3. Under Preferences select “Change Personal Access Code”.

Set up Banking Alerts: Banking Alerts can be a helpful feature for monitoring activity in your account. Get peace of mind by receiving an email or text message each time certain activities occur. Learn how to get started with alerts.

Temporary lockdowns: Some of our security safeguards may result in temporarily locking down your online banking. This is both normal and a common industry practice that ensures only authorized use. If this happens, please contact our Member Service Centre at 604-517-0100 (toll-free at 1-877-506-0100), or visit a branch and our staff will help you with this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register for 2-Step Verification via both SMS and email? Expand/Collapse

Yes. During their initial enrollment, you can register only one of either a mobile phone number or an email address to receive 2-Step Verification notifications. After enrollment you can update your contact information from the Profiles and Preferences screen options, to add the second notification channel.

Will duplicate verification code notifications be sent both by SMS and email if I have both an email address and a mobile phone number registered under 2-Step Verification? Expand/Collapse

No. During each authentication where you have multiple notification channels registered, you will be presented with a Select Verification Method screen and must select which channel (SMS or email) you wish to be notified through.

Is there an option for me to designate a device as a “trusted” device, exempting logins from that device from 2-Step Verification? Expand/Collapse

No. Any login assessed as high-risk will be subject to 2-Step Verification authentications, regardless of the device being used to log in from.

How long before a verification code notification expires and is no longer valid? Expand/Collapse

The verification code is valid for 10 minutes from the time it is generated. If you enter and submit after that time, you will receive an error message. If you receive an error message, refresh your page and start the process again.

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