Text Message Banking

With Westminster Savings' Text Message Banking service you can use text messaging on your mobile phone to get account balances and transaction history.

About Text Message Banking

What is Text Message Banking?

On a mobile phone that supports text messaging (sometimes called SMS) send simple text message commands to 66639 (MONEY). Get a text message reply with:

  • The account balance for one account
  • The account balances for multiple accounts
  • Recent transaction history on one or more accounts
  • Quick contact information for the credit union

Start using this free* service immediately

  1. Log in to Online Banking (go there now)
  2. Go to the Member Services section and click Mobile Banking on the left side of page
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to register your mobile phone.
  4. Receive a text message with a confirmation passcode. Confirm your passcode in Online Banking.
  5. Select the accounts you wish to be able to text.

Text Commands

Text any of these commands to MONEY (66639) and receive your account information on your phone.

  • ACT - For the account activity of your primary account
  • ACT - For the account activity of a specific account
  • BAL - For the balance of your primary account
  • BAL ALL - For the balances of all your accounts
  • BAL - For the balance of a specific account
  • DISABLE - To temporarily disable your phone
  • HELP - For a list of the commands you can use
  • INFO - For contact info about Westminster Savings Credit Union
  • STOP - To permanently delete your phone
  • NICK - For a list of account nicknames

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I do using Text Message Banking?

  • With Text Message Banking, you can see the account balance and recent transaction history of any account you set up. Just register your mobile phone, and start Text Message Banking today!

2. What does it cost to use Text Message Banking?

  • There is no cost to use Text Message Banking at this time. Please check with your mobile carrier for information on any charges for sending and receiving text messages that are applicable to you.

3. I want to sign up now. How do I get started?

  • Getting started is easy. If you have a mobile phone that supports text messaging and an Online Banking account with Westminster Savings Credit Union, registering is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

    1. Log in to Online Banking
    2. Register your mobile phone
    3. Select your accounts and confirm your Passcode.
    Don't have an Online Banking account? Just call 604-517-0100 to get started today.

4. Is my personal and financial information is safe?

  • Yes, your personal information is as secure using Text Message Banking as Online Banking.

5. What if I misplace my mobile phone or if it is lost or stolen?

  • If you have temporarily misplaced your mobile phone (e.g. you left it at work), you can disable Text Message Banking by visiting the Mobile Banking Preferences page within Westminster Savings Credit Union's Online Banking. Once you locate your mobile phone, simply go online and Enable the feature again.

    If you have lost your mobile phone or if it was stolen, please follow your mobile carrier's recommended procedures for this scenario and contact your mobile carrier immediately. You can further delete your mobile phone completely from Mobile Banking by visiting the Mobile Banking Preferences page within Westminster Savings Credit Union's Online Banking.

6. Will Text Message Banking work outside Canada?

  • This service is designed to work on mobile phones from a Canadian mobile carrier on a Canadian mobile network. However, if your Canadian mobile carrier has a roaming agreement with a foreign carrier, you can expect Text Message Banking to work. However, please note that the service outside of Canada is on a best efforts basis only.

7. How do I send a text message on my mobile phone?

  • Please refer to your owner's manual for your mobile phone on how to send a text message or contact your carrier on how to obtain an owner's manual.

8. I changed carriers and/or changed phone numbers, will Text Message Banking still work?

  • As a security precaution, Text Message Banking is set to disabled status. Please send a text keyword command and you will receive instructions that will guide you on how to Enable your mobile phone.

9. I received a new MEMBER CARD® debit card, how do I update my Text Message Banking settings?

  • Text "STOP" from the phone you registered with your old MEMBER CARD® debit card to 66639 (MONEY) and then follow the steps outlined in question 3 above.

* Westminster Savings does not charge a fee for Mobile Banking, but you may be subject to a charge for sending or receiving text messages from your mobile phone carrier.