Viewing account transactions

On the Account Activity page you can view, sort and find account transactions (or groups of transactions) and view images of the cheques you've written.

How to view account transactions

  1. Log in to Online Banking
  2. On the Account Summary page click Account Activity in the left-hand menu.
  3. On the Account Activity page select the transactions you wish to see:
    • Select the Account you wish to view. You can choose individual accounts or all of your accounts together.
    • Select the date range for the accounts you wish to view. You can choose to view:
      • All transactions within a custom date range
      • All transactions within a given month
    • When you select Advanced Options you can:
      • Filter the transactions to view only those transactions meeting your criteria within the date range you've chosen.
      • Download your transactions into accounting or personal financial management software. Read more
  4. Click Submit to see your transactions.

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Sorting your account transactions

When you view your Account Activity online you'll see a list of all of the transactions meeting the criteria you entered. You can sort the order of transactions by clicking the five headings at the top of the transaction table:

  • Date - order your transactions by date.
  • Description - a short description of the transaction. Sorting this column will order your transactions alphabetically by their description.
  • Debits - a list of everything that came out of your account.
  • Credits - a list of everything that went into your account.
  • Balance - the balance of your account after the transaction was made.

Viewing account details and cleared cheques

When you view your account transactions your account details appear at the top of the page: your account interest rate, renewal dates, current and available balances and other important account information.

When cheques clear your account you will see the word cheque highlighted and underlined on the Account Activity page. Clicking on cheque will allow you to see the front and back of the cleared cheque to remind you why you wrote it.

Printing your transactions

You can print your transactions by clicking Print This Page at the top of the page.

Tip!If you intend to copy or mail your transactions consider using the download to PDF feature for a professionally laid-out unofficial statement (read more) or an E-Statement for a copy of your official monthly or quarterly statement (read more).