Viewing Accounts

You can view all of your Westminster Savings accounts, pending transactions and investment accounts all in one consolidated view in Online Banking.

You will see all of the accounts that belong to you, or on which you are a joint tenant, power of attorney or guardian.

If you are a joint tenant on an account that belongs to someone else, like a spouse, child or parent, you can view and transact on these accounts because, legally, the accounts belong to you, too.

The consolidated account summary

When you log in you will see an Account Summary, a single view of all of your credit union accounts.

  • View all of your accounts and current balances - including chequing and savings accounts, term deposits, RRSPs and RRIFs, loans and mortgages.
  • View your investment accounts - view the balances of your Credential Asset Management Inc., Ethical Funds™ and Credential Direct™ accounts. Read more
  • View and cancel all of the pending transfers from your accounts
  • View and cancel all of the pending bill payments from your accounts
  • See the last time that you logged in - this security feature helps you identify unauthorized access to your account.
  • View personal messages - if we have something imporant to tell you, or if you have a new bill delivered by epost™, we'll let you know.

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More than one membership

If your accounts were opened under more than one membership - for instance, your membership and a child's membership that you are a signer on - you'll see the accounts for each membership separated.

Tip!You can choose to see the information for just one membership by clicking the membership number at the top of the screen.

Get more account information in one click

  • Click your Westminster Savings account to see the activity in the account in the last seven days, and more account information.
  • Click your investment account to see more information about that account.
  • Click a personal message to read a message from Westminster Savings or to view a bill delivered by epost™.
  • Use the menu tabs at the top of the screen to pay bills, transfer money, and more.
  • Use the side menu to get a comprehensive account activity, to rename your account and to open a new account.