Transfer & Send Money

You can transfer your money between your own accounts and from your account to any other person who has an account at Westminster Savings.*

How to transfer between WSCU accounts

  1. Log in to Online Banking.
  2. Click the "Transfer Money" tab.
  3. Choose the account that you want to Transfer From.
  4. Enter the Transfer Amount.
  5. Select the Transfer Date. What are my options?

    • An Immediate Transfer will occur right away.
    • A Scheduled Transfer will occur once in the future, on the date that you select.
    • A Recurring Transfer will occur on the date(s) that you select, until the expiry date that that you select.
  6. To transfer to another person's account, select Another Account and enter the other person's account number*, then click Continue.
  7. To transfer to one of your own accounts, select the account that wish to Transfer To.
  8. To make a Scheduled or Recurring Transfer enter the Transfer Date, Transfer Frequency and Expiry Date and click Continue.
  9. Confirm your transfer details, and click Continue.

If you chose to do an Immediate Transfer, your transfer is now completed. If you chose to do a Scheduled or Recurring Transfer, your transfer is now set up.

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* To transfer money to another Westminster Savings member you will need to know the other person's Westminster Savings account number.

Cancelling scheduled and recurring transfers

If you have created a scheduled or recurring transfer you can cancel it before the date that it is to be processed.

On the Account Summary screen or on the Pending Transfers screen select Delete next to the transfer you want to delete. The transfer will then be deleted.

Reversing completed transfers

Completed transfers cannot be reversed. When you transfer funds to another person at Westminster Savings be sure that you have the correct account number.

Transferring to a loan (paying a loan)

At this time it is not possible to make payments to a loan or mortgage in Online Banking.