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If You Are A Target or Victim

If you are the target or victim of an identity theft or fraud attempt, don't panic: we can help.  Read the steps below to prevent further losses and to help catch the perpetrators!

Let Us Know

Contact Westminster Savings Credit Union immediately at 604-517-0100. If circumstances warrant for your protection we may disable your Online Banking, telephone and ATM access, or recommend that you change your PAC or ATM card PIN.

Our employees will help you prevent further attempts and we'll work with the authorities to help catch the perpetrators.

Let Your Other Financial Institutions Know

If you do business with other financial institutions - including credit card companies - you'll want to let them know about the fraud attempt as soon as possible so that they can take steps to prevent further losses.

Don't forget to inform credit agencies of your losses if your credit cards or lines of credit have been compromised.

Let The Police Know

You'll want to report the attempt to the local authorities, so that they can open a file for investigation or add your information to an already open case.

Contact your local police detachment or report the fraud to the authorities online at

Let Anti-Fraud Agencies Know

Report the attempt to PhoneBusters, the Canadian anti-fraud call centre. Visit or phone 1-888-495-8501 to report a scam.

By reporting to PhoneBusters you help spread the word across Canada that fraudsters are at work!