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Online Banking Security: Our Responsibilities

Westminster Savings uses industry-leading techniques to protect our members from identity theft and fraud in Online Banking.

Encryption & SSL Technology

Westminster Savings' Online Banking service uses industry-standard security technologies, including Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and 128-bit encryption. These technologies help prevent your information from being read or changed as it travels over the internet between our Online Banking service and your computer. 

Personal Access Code to Log In

Your information in Online Banking is only accessible to individuals who know your Personal Access Code (PAC).

Challenge Questions to Log In

Secured by RSABy answering Challenge Questions you help Westminster Savings confirm that you are who you say you are before we allow you to enter Online Banking. Westminster Savings prevents the "guessing" of the answers to your Challenge Question by automatically blocking access to your accounts in Online Banking after multiple erroneous attempts to log in.

Last Logged In

When you log in to Online Banking Westminster Savings will show you the last date and time that you logged in to help you identify any unknown or unauthorized access to your information.  You can see this information directly below your name on the account summary screen in Online Banking.

Automatic Time-Outs

To protect you if you have forgotten to log off of Online Banking Westminster Savings automatically ends any Online Banking session that has been inactive for 15 minutes. To resume activity after 15 minutes you will be prompted to re-enter your account information and Personal Access Code.

Access to Information

Your information is stored on computers that are accessible only to authorized personnel, and are physically protected in a highly secure environment.


If You Are A Target Or Victim

If you are the target or victim of an identity theft or fraud attempt we can help. Read more.