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Identity Theft

Identity theft - when another person uses your personal information without your knowledge or consent, often for fraud or theft - is a growing problem for Canadians.

Any personal information or documents that contain your personal information can be used for identity theft. Fraudsters are looking for:

  • Your name, address, telephone number and email address
  • Your social insurance number, driver's license number, birth certificates and passports
  • Your credit card and ATM card numbers
  • Your account numbers and account statements

Read the Identity Theft prevention information below to learn how you can protect yourself from fraudsters.

Good Habits For Preventing Identity Theft

You can help protect yourself against identity theft by forming good habits:

  • Be wary when revealing personal information: know who you're talking to
  • Stay up to date: look over personal financial statements and bills regularly for unauthorized transactions
  • Educate yourself: find out about recent identity theft or fraud developments on the PhoneBusters website
  • Use your common sense: if something is good to be true, it probably is!
  • Report an identity theft or fraud attempt immediately

Protect Your ATM Cards and Credit Cards

  • Shield your PIN when you enter it
  • Change your PIN regularly, and don't use obvious number combinations
  • Never reveal your PIN to anyone
  • Memorize your PIN; don't write it down
  • Watch your card when you hand it to a clerk; make sure the clerk returns your card to you
  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately
  • Cut up or shred cards when you no longer need them

Protect Your Cheques and Prevent Cheque Fraud

  • When you close an account shred all of the excess cheques
  • Shred cancelled cheques
  • Store your cheques securely; never leave cheques in a vehicle
  • Report lost or stolen cheques to the Member Service Centre or your branch immediately
  • If your home or vehicle is burglarized, check for missing cheques - even in the back or middle of a cheque-book
  • Be wary when accepting cheques, even cheques marked "guaranteed funds", from another person. If you don't know the person, or if the person makes you uncomfortable, ask for alternate forms of payment instead.

Protect Your Personal Papers, Statements and Mail

  • Keep secure or shred all of your receipts and other personal papers
  • Register your bills with epostTM, and receive your bills electronically in Online Banking
  • If you don't receive an expected bill in the mail, contact the vendor immediately
  • Remove mail from your mailbox right away.  If you are moving or going away, make provisions to have your mail stopped or re-routed.

If You Are A Target Or Victim

If you are the target or victim of an identity theft or fraud attempt we can help. Read more.