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Fraud Alerts

Westminster Savings receives alerts about fraud attempts from our employees, our members, the police and other financial institutions.

September, 2018: Beware of new credit card scam

Beware of new credit card scam

Fraudsters are always looking for ways to trick you into revealing your account numbers or access codes, which they then use to try to commit fraud or identity theft.

Recently, we’ve been made aware that some of our customers have been contacted by fraudsters who have stated they are calling to discuss our upcoming Visa credit card conversion to Collabria (scheduled for October 28, 2018). These individuals have been asking customers for their card numbers and other personal information.

Please be advised that Westminster Savings will never call you to request personal information on the phone. Never reveal sensitive information - including access codes, credit card information, ATM card codes or personal information - over the phone unless you have initiated the call and are confident that you are speaking to an authorized individual.

Read more about how to protect yourself from phishing and phone fraud on our website or visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

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If You Are A Target Or Victim

If you are the target or victim of an identity theft or fraud attempt we can help. Read more.