Security and Privacy Centre

Westminster Savings places the highest priority on all members’ security and privacy.

We are confident in our online security and we are continually adding to, refining and testing our advanced security systems to keep information and accounts safe. We have multiple safeguards and layers of defence that we are regularly reviewing and updating.

Online Banking Security

Our Responsibilities

How we help to keep Online Banking secure.

Your Responsibilities

"Best practices" to keep your Online Banking activities secure.

Lost or Stolen Cards

We can help you protect yourself from card misuse. Read more.


Privacy Code

Our privacy principles and procedures.

Privacy Statement

What our privacy code means for our members.

Privacy FAQ

Answers to questions about our privacy principles and procedures.

Cookies & Online Privacy

How we protect your privacy online.

Protect Yourself

Identity Theft

Protect your personal information from mis-use.

Phishing & Phone Fraud

Prevent fraudsters from getting your information by email or phone.

Card Fraud & Skimming

Protect your cards from being used to defraud your accounts.

Cheque Fraud

Don't be the victim of a cheque fraud.

Fraud Alerts

News of fraud attempts targeting our communities.