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Money sometimes a barrier that keeps kids out of sport

Surrey, B.C. – October 29, 2018

Screen versus green: fixation with computer games often keeps kids from being active, but sometimes it’s money that stops them from participating in sport.  

That’s especially true with kids heading into their teen years. Studies show that younger Canadian children participate in sport in reasonably large numbers, but 48 per cent of the population 12 and older no longer takes part in organized physical activity.

Pete Quevillon is executive director at KidSport BC, a B.C. non-profit that works to get kids who face financial barriers involved in sport. Research proving the benefit of sport is abundant, he says, but some parents and families can’t afford to get their kids into organized sports.

“Sport participation leads to better performance at school, improves health and helps kids develop life skills like teamwork, goal-setting and time management. But we meet lots of kids who would like to participate but can’t for financial reasons,” says Quevillon.

The Westminster Savings Foundation helps build local communities by providing annual grants to KidSport. The financial support KidSport gave to New Westminster Senior Secondary athlete Severio Asaba is a great example, says Maury Kask, chief customer experience officer for Westminster Savings. “KidSport helping a young man like Severio is how communities are strengthened and shows why KidSport is a key community partner for us,” says Kask.  

“I really wanted to play football and KidSport let me play in high school when I did not have the funds for it,” says Severio, who now lives and works in Langley. “When I wasn’t at home, the football field was another place to get support. So many of my friends and relationships have come from football.”

Watch Severio’s story here.


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