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Easter Seals Drop Zone

Prospera is sponsoring the Easter Seals Drop Zone event at the Central City Corporate office in Surrey on Tuesday, September 15.

We will be putting together a team of 6 brave Prospera employees, including one from our Executive Leadership Team, to rappel off the 25-storey office tower. This socially distanced and safe, community event is a knee-shaking and heart-pounding fundraising adventure that encourages you to face your fears – all in support of Canadians living with disabilities.

In 2019, Drop Zone Surrey raised $69,921.31 to support Easter Seals. Check out the video below to see last year’s team in action, including our President & CEO, Gavin Toy, as one of our rappelers.

“Stepping over the edge of the building definitely raised the adrenaline but it was absolutely worth it. I couldn’t be happier to support this important cause, and I know the staff that rappelled down our building with me feel the same way. Our staff have a long history of going out of their way to help make our communities stronger. We’re proud to be able to support Easter Seals, an essential program that supports individuals with disabilities to live an active life, seek their potential, and contribute to their communities.” – Gavin Toy, President & CEO

For more than 95 years, Easter Seals has worked to enhance the quality of life, self-esteem and self-determination of Canadians living with disabilities. Easter Seals helps to ensure that all Canadians living with disabilities have access to the equipment, technology, programs, services and support they need to make the most of their abilities and participate fully in society. For more information about Easter Seals and the Drop Zone event, click here.