We've merged effective January 1, 2020 and while this website may still bear the name and logo of Westminster Savings Credit Union, we are in the process of revising all print and digital materials to bear the name of the new legal entity - Prospera Credit Union. We appreciate your patience during this transitional period.

Career development

From the day you join our team, we’re committed to helping you take your career to the next level through:

  • Our new employee orientation program
  • Extensive classroom, online and on-the-job training
  • Cross-training and job shadowing opportunities
  • Assistance with career progression through learning and development plans, including a leadership development program, Management Associate program, career coaching and mentoring
  • External courses, conferences and workshops
  • Assistance with tuition, professional licensing and membership fees
  • A performance management approach that helps connects individual performance to organizational goals.

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