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Electronic Tax Payment and Filing

Westminster Savings’ Electronic Tax Banking Service is a convenient way for you to remit your tax payments via the Internet.

Pay and file your Federal business taxes, including payroll source deductions, corporate income tax, GST, and Harmonized GST and PST, via WSCU’s Business Express Internet service.


  • Pay your taxes online and on-time - at your convenience with our 24/7 service
  • Control your cash flow by filing on your due date
  • Receive refunds faster and have them deposited directly into your Westminster Savings account
  • Future date your payments and avoid late payment charges due to mailing delays
  • Reduce time and paperwork by filing and paying electronically, no more mailing bulky packages or visiting the branch
  • Payments made are processed overnight. Your payment will be value dated for the next business day and the funds will be debited from your account on the value date. For instance, if your taxes are due tomorrow, the payment must be entered today before midnight Eastern Time.

Getting Started

If you are already using Business Express Internet then you're ready to begin.

If your accounts are not yet set up on Business Express Internet speak to a representative in your branch or call Cash Management Officer Rose McKeen at 604-528-3835.


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