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Business Express Internet Banking

Business Express Internet is an online service that offers your business the convenience, flexibility and security to bank online anytime, anywhere.

It is the easiest way to access your business accounts and a wide range of business banking services.


  • Consolidated view — view and manage multiple business accounts and all your transactions with one sign-in
  • Multiple user access — grant access and permission to team members for specific accounts and tasks, even if they are not account signers
  • Customized templates — reduce administration time by streamlining repetitive tasks, such as automated transfers
  • Data transfer — easily download and transfer account data to your accounting software
  • Enhanced security — with individual passwords for each user and optional biometric login security, your privacy is secure
  • Other features — enjoy cheque imaging, bill payments, transfers between all your business accounts,  CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) payments, and more

Is Business Express Internet right for your business?

Business Express Internet is especially useful for businesses, institutions or organizations that have more than one person responsible for banking and book-keeping or who outsource banking responsibilities.

The sophisticated "delegate" features allow multiple employees, officers or accountants to use different features in Business Express Internet, with different rights, amount limits and transaction approvals.

Because Business Express Internet "aggregates" account information, it is an excellent tool for businesses, institutions or organizations to track many accounts and memberships at Westminster Savings in one simple view.

Cost to use Business Express Internet

Business Express Internet is free to eligible businesses,institutions and non-profit organizations. Regular account transaction fees apply for transactions completed using Business Express Internet.

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