Security Features When You Log In

Westminster Savings places the highest priority on all members’ security and privacy.

We are confident in our online security and we are continually adding to, refining and testing our advanced security systems to keep information and accounts safe. We have multiple safeguards and layers of defence that we are regularly reviewing and updating.

reCAPTCHA: The reCAPTCHA system is designed to establish whether a computer user is human or a robot. You may be presented with a series of pictures that you will need to identify to gain access to your online banking account.

A strong Personal Access Code: Members who bank online should change their Personal Access Code (PAC) frequently, by using the maximum allowable number of characters for their PAC, and by avoiding using simple number patterns, birth dates, phone numbers or addresses. You should also change your security questions frequently. You can also set up alerts about any online activity related to your account. These are easy steps that any member can take to further safeguard their accounts.

Temporary lockdowns: Some of our security safeguards may result in temporarily locking down your online banking. This is both normal and a common industry practice that ensures only authorized use. If this happens, please contact our Member Service Centre at 604-517-0100 (toll-free at 1-877-506-0100), or visit a branch and our staff will help you with this.

To use Online Banking you must:

  • Enter your MEMBER CARD® number
  • Set up security questions
  • Enter a confidential Personal Access Code (PAC)

Once you've completed the simple one-time set up process, you can log in to Online Banking with two clicks of your mouse right from our homepage.

Use Your MEMBER CARD® to Log In

We've filled in the first eight numbers of your MEMBER CARD® for you already: just fill in the rest and click the Login button.

Use the Add A Memorized Card feature to save your MEMBER CARD® number on your computer so that you don't need to enter the number each time you log in.

Three Personal Security Questions

The first time that you log in to Online Banking you will be asked to select three personal security questions and to enter the answers to these questions. These are questions that only you may know the answer to, and they further protect your accounts from being compromised.

If you're using a computer that an unauthorized user can't access you can permanently register this computer to skip the security question when you log in. Only do this on computers that you can trust, and not on publicly accessible computers.

A Confidential Personal Access Code (PAC)

When you sign up for Online Banking you will be assigned a temporary personal access code (PAC). Using your MEMBER CARD® and your temporary PAC, you will set up your security questions when you first log in.

You can change your Personal Access Code (PAC) any time in Online Banking by completing the following steps:

Protect your accounts

  1. Login to Online Banking.
  2. Select “Profile & Preferences” in the left column.
  3. Under Preferences select “Change Personal Access Code”.

Important Note: As stated above, to ensure your PAC is as secure as possible, avoid using simple patterns and easy-to-guess numbers (e.g. 11111, 123456 or birth dates, phone numbers, or addresses.)

If you have a MEMBER CARD® and a personal access code (PAC) you can log in to Online Banking now.