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Cyber Security Best Practices

Your security is our top priority. With social media, online shopping and web-based applications being used so widely, how do you ensure your online experience is as secure as possible? To this end, we have partnered with TELUS and the Canadian Credit Union Association to provide you with information to help you make the best possible decisions when engaging in today's digital world.

Set up Banking Alerts

Banking Alerts can be a helpful feature for monitoring activity in your account. Get peace of mind by receiving an email or text message each time certain activities occur.

Online Banking Learn how to get started with alerts.

S.A.F.E - Cornerstones to internet security

These four safety cornerstones can help to keep your information secure. Watch this video to learn more about the SAFE technique for keeping yourself safe online.


S – Secure passwords
A – Always type web addresses or use a safe bookmark (i.e. do not follow email links to login screens)
F – Financial information should only be shared on a secure home WiFi only.
E – Enable and Install updates and patches for software from reputable sites

Learn about keeping yourself safe online with these helpful TELUS Wise Digital Safety Tips

SHADY - Approach to email security

Learn about Phishing and Smishing and how the SHADY technique can help you protect your personal information from email fraud.


S – Secret (discuss personal information verbally, or use secure methods)
H – Hover over a link before clicking it to get the source details.
A – Attachments should not be clicked if you are not expecting them.
D – Difficult passwords help prevent people from hacking your accounts.
Y – You should ask yourself whenever you get an email, was I expecting this?

Learn how to recognize fishy emails with these helpful TELUS Wise Email Safety Tips